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Submitted on
September 21, 2013


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And now the moment you've all been waiting for!
and the winner iss...
The winner is...
You're points will be sent soon.
Some of her art:
Tavros~ by shota-StriderShoujo Attemt 2 by shota-Strider
Hello deviants! :wave:
This is my third 100 point giveaway! These are weekly so every week you have a chance to win! Project Giveaway is meant to give points to random deviants and spread some love! :love:
To be eligible for this giveaway you need to..


Little Pixel Heart Add this journal to your favs. :+fav:

    Little Pixel Heart Watch me (if you aren't) for future giveaways, updates and more points! :eager:
That's all!
Giveaways will always end on Wednesday!
MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT MY GROUP! You can get your art noticed! JOIN TODAY! :hooray:


This group is in need of Contributors! Note me if you're interested.

Making a journal for this giveaway is totally optional but it will higher your chances if you do! :la:


If you plan on posting a journal copy and paste the text I have below into your journal. You will be counted twice with the submission of a journal.




:iconartvelocity: is holding a 100 point giveaway!


At artvelocity, you can donate points to receive watches, llamas, critiques and/or favs! You can even earn points just by giving watches, llamas, critiques and/or favs! You can even get points for joining groups!

10 :points: = 5 day feature (it continues on from that)

Go check them out today! :dummy:



Give them a watch or llama! :heart:


Want to be featured here forever? Donate 20 points!



Sponsored ART

Add them to your favorites! :+fav:

Winding Road by SharpPhotoStudioRobin Eggs by SharpPhotoStudio Fire Water by SharpPhotoStudio Imminent Beginnings by SharpPhotoStudio Shattered by SharpPhotoStudio I'm Gonna Give my Heart Away by ParallelDeviant Cracked But Not Broken by ParallelDeviant Time Travellers III by ParallelDeviant Deviant Code by iDJPanda

You want your art here? Donate 50 points to give your art some expousure! :la:



 Make sure you check out these contests for chances to win some prizes! They end very soon!

CONTEST EXTENDED!!!FINALLY~ It's time for it to be revealed~
and the contest will be...Draw my OCs contest~


EDIT// ONLY 2 WINNERS NOW; 1 winner per category
Using the profiles of my current characters...which are only these 4 now.
Draw them in an outfit fitting any of these: 
1. School Uniforms (inspired by school uniforms)
2. Casual (basically anything)
There will be only 1 winner per category.
You may enter for both categories,but you cannot win both!
You can also enter multiple entries in the 2 cateogires.
 (Removed code due to it expiring in September 30)
1 Custom Adoptable or Commission of your ch





Check out my friend's account! He does giveaways, makes awesome art and is a cool dude to talk to! Please give him a watch! You won't regret it. :meow:



Do you want a chance to win a premium membership? Join PremiumMemberships!

Skin by Ikue (modified by artvelocity)
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SimanetteFan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wait... so only one person receives 100 points? You should have specified that; you made it seem like anybody who watched you and added your journal to their favorites would possibly receive 100 points (yes, I realize the key word: possibly), but you didn't say only one would receive 100 points.
shota-Strider Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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